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This episode features people with physical disabilities talking about the able-bodied world's tendency to erase their sexuality, using Tindr in a wheelchair, disability-related sexual superpowers, and much more. Comedian Spring Day makes her triumphant return. She and her boyfriend, comedian Tim Renkow , both have cerebral palsy and talk frankly about their sex life. The fetishization of disabled people, often called devoteeism, also comes up in this episode.

We also talk about the role sex workers sometimes play in enriching the lives of people with disabilities. Check out Rachel Wotton's Ted Talk exploring this topic. Other articles mentioned on the show include this Vice piece about Hand Angels, this guide to sexual positioning devices , and a fascinating obituary published by Salon about Mark O'Brien.

Finally, Ryan Lythall can be reached at rythall me. Chris chats with 6 men who, collectively, have purchased sexual services well over times. Articles referenced in this episode include Salon's "How risky is Oral Sex?

Chris travels to Amsterdam to chat with couples and sex workers spending Valentine's Day in De Wallen, the world's most famous red light district. Chris is joined in this episode by listener Taylor Hernowitz, who helped Chris interview women working in window brothels and couples exploring voyeurism at the Sex Palace Peep Show.

This episode also features representatives from a number of organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people working in the sex industry, including PROUD the official union of sex workers in the Netherlands, the Red Umbrella Fund , which supplies grants to sex worker-led organizations around the globe and is headquartered in Amsterdam, and the Prostitution Information Center located in the heart of De Wallen.

Don't forget to check out the CNN article mentioned on the show: You can find the episode of Reply All Chris referenced here. Don't let the Chinese intros for these episodes fool you; the interviews are in English.

The original upload of this episode had a technical glitch that created audio gaps when played on certain speakers. That has been fixed. If you have any issues, please delete the file and download it again. If troubles persist, download or stream this episode directly at sexwithstrangersshow. We apologize for the inconvenience. Michael Stabile from Kink. Jerry Barnett, the free speech activist and author of Porn Panic: Sex and Censorship in the UK , helps us understand what's happening across the pond.

And it's not encouraging! British porn sensation Harriet Sugarcookie and her business partner Tommie round out this episode by sharing their thoughts on censorship, their unique approach to making pornography, and the healing power of harrietsugarcookie.

Chris mistakenly refers to this show as "episode 29" when it is in fact episode Chris chats with people in the feederism sometimes also called feedism fetish community. All 4 featured guests get off on gaining weight as well as encouraging others to pack on pounds. Two of these guests also work as professional fetish models.

Mainstream discussions of the sex industry have mostly revolved around human trafficking. In this episode we explore why that narrative is misleading and harmful. Maxine not Terra interviewed Keyana; Sextraffickingalaska. We regret these errors.

Quinn and Chris spent hours exploring kink. Ames Bex makes his second appearance on the show. This time he talks about directing porn and his ongoing transition into manhood, both legally and physically. Ames also has a podcast of his own called Mister Bex Talks Sex. We will also hear from Jack from Adult Socials.

Both parties often take place at Pendulum Dungeon. This episode features interviews with: David co-wrote the book Sexual Outsiders: Emma thinks WWE has ruined Asuka. Sometimes fans need to listen and not just hear things.

Ronda Rousey was 'suspended' from 'Monday Night Raw'; not house shows! Jack Swagger debuts for Lucha Underground. Konnan making in ring return at upcoming Queens, NY event.

Vince McMahon is aging like a normal human being. LOL at two very lame interviews of two former WWE writers, desperate to feel relevant in the wrestling industry. WCW Beach Blast ' Eddie Gilbert is the 'King Of Philadelphia'. ECW Hardcore Heaven ' Edge's not so memorable WWE in ring debut.

KOR Street Fight: Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon. Vince Russo returns to WWE as head writer - for two days. Goldberg ends Rodney Mack's undefeated streak. Samoa Joe makes TNA debut. Kurt Angle and John Cena rap. DX returns with lots of bare asses from midgets to The Coach. TNA films pilot episode of Spin Cycle. Nexus attack Vince McMahon. Tyson Kidd undergoes neck and spinal surgery.

And so much more! Sadly, complications from pneumonia and heart surgery were too much to overcome. Big Cass released by WWE. As originally broken by Wrestling Soup, alcohol issues including a recent incident on international flight, attitude problems, and more led to his release. Do Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets suck or what?! That doesn't mean WWE was happy about the relationship.

Rusev is new 1 Contender for AJ Styles, and fans still complain. DT doesn't like the Ronda Rousey '30 day suspension'. But WWE can change that with an easy storyline idea.

Will WWE hold another Tournament in another country? First TV vignette of Razor Ramon airs. World Bodybuilding Federation holds 2nd and last Championship Tournament. Goofy press conference included. Hall and Nash powerbomb Eric Bischoff at G. Perry Saturn films cameo for House Of Pain music video. Great American Bash '98, '99, ' Not so memorable moments for Sting, stunt doubles, and production team.

Sting attacked by Dobermans and Rottweilers. Sting set on fire by Vampiro. Bill Goldberg makes WCW return and turns on fans. Plus, Taker reveals he and Kane love to eat a certain type of 'pie'. Stacey Keibler makes her WWE debut. Steve Austin walks out of WWE. Trouble for Steve Austin continues. Police called to residence to find bruises and welts on then wife, Debra. Austin flees scene and goes into hiding for next two months on domestic assault charges.

Jim Cornette spits in the face of Ed Ferrara over Oklahoma skits. Chavo Classic released by WWE after no showing events and claiming to be drugged and kidnapped. Mr McMahon 'limo explosion' publicity 'backfires'. Dixie Carter once again trolls fans teasing huge, nice, surprises that will change TNA forever.

CM Punk and AJ get married. WWE releases ten stars, office employees, additional budget trimming measures after disappointing financial outlook. WWE launches YouTube gaming channel: Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy: There is one thing everyone can agree on; CM Punk is one tough son of a bitch. Total title defenses after Days as Champion: Baron Corbin loses the long hair and returns to early NXT look. Ask and you shall receive: Next on the list: Pedro Morales Days. Real1 Enzo Amore first wrestling related appearance announced.

NXT name change for Nixon Newell. Best wishes to Brutus Beefcake on his upcoming knee surgery. Lance Storm to train son of Rey Mysterio Dominic. NJPW Dominion results. Chris Jericho continues to successfully reinvent himself in ring. Don Callis to do play by play for All-In event. June Non Wrestling Events. Undertaker makes rare appearance for USWA. Chris Benoit works multiple WWF dark matches The seeds are planted and will soon sprout the NWO.

HBK and Jim Cornette comment on incident. Roddy Piper has backstage altercation with Kevin Nash over Nitro tag team match. Includes comments by Nash and Piper on the incident.

Brian Pillman signs with WWE. Big Show chokeslams Undertaker thru the ring. Tammy Sytch attempts to sell her breast implants on Ebay. Goldberg returns to WCW ring after suffering serious arm injury. Christian confrontation with John Cena during Highlight Reel. Don Tony shares a few personal stories: Scott Steiner undergoes trachea surgery after suffering life threatening injury.

Vickie Guerrero quits as GM and Edge demands a divorce. Batista vacates WWE Championship after suffering torn biceps injury. NC authorities drop three of four major drug charges against Jeff Hardy. Andy Leavine wins Tough Enough, and pisses his opportunity away. In depth discussion by DT and Mish: Discussing why pro wrestling will always be a 'male dominated sport'.

Looking back at WCW folding and why nothing could have prevented its demise in Impact Wrestling added to Jericho cruise. Legit advice to aspiring podcasters and websites. Silent or Speak Out? Reason why you should always speak out if you are extremely unhappy with any wrestling product. DT points out one major issue no one is talking about. Undertaker returning to the ring at upcoming MSG event. Storyline stupidity from Raw: Nurse Rousey treats Nattie's knee 'injury'.

A very painful three weeks in the storyline saga between Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley. Blew our load too soon. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas as 1 Contenders was carelessly rushed. Interesting betting odds out for WrestleMania 35 Main Event. Current lineup, including Jericho vs Naito. Should Tessa Blanchard, Baron Corbin, and others confront critics and troll accounts on social media? Interesting list of referees announced for All-In event. Roddy Piper shows up at Lauper's music studio.

Kerry Von Erich seriously injured in motorcycle accident. Mr T returns to WWF as a referee for multiple matches. No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan hits movie theatres. Complete details on the case, damaging testimony by Bruno, memorable court appearance by Dean Malenko, and the massive amount awarded.

Sherri Martel appears in Celebrity Sleuth Magazine. Marty Jannetty sentenced in Club incident involving drugs, assaulting an Officer, and an underaged 19 intoxicated date. Cactus Jack Is Missing segments begin. Dusty Rhodes speaks on 'Cactus Jack: Lost In Cleveland' skits. The sad story of Ranger Ross: From Army Ranger, to pro wrestler, to unsuccessfully suing WCW for race discrimination, to becoming the 'Motorcycle Bandit' and serving prison time for bank robbery.

Ludvig Borga has his first and only MMA match. Scott Hall speaks on the incident with Jerry Sags. Funeral of Owen Hart is held. Ric Flair is stripped of title, given back title, and loses title twice to Jeff Jarrett all in one week. Shawn Michaels becomes latest member of NWO. Steve Austin wrestles last match on Raw against Ric Flair.

Kurt Angle makes surprise return to Smackdown after undergoing neck surgery. WWE signs Curtis Axel. WWE airs last th ever episode of Heat. Kia Stevens aka Awesome Kong, Kharma announces pregnancy and takes leave of absence from wrestling. Randy Orton suspended sixty days for second violation of Wellness Program. Matt Hardy's memorable Ring Of Honor 'anti-bullying' promos. Batista quits WWE for second time. Seth Rollins turns on The Shield.

Kevin Owens shines in debut match on WWE main roster. Alexa Bliss presents Bayley: This Is Your Life! Well sorta kinda And so much more! Tonight we preview his new tune 'Phoenix' Warning, explicit language. Aaron Stevens aka Damien Sandow to make an important announcement later this week. Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns is the latest to experience invasion of privacy with an over zealous fan.

Jerry Lawler says critics of WWE are a 'tiny minority' of the fanbase. GoFundMe created to help Matt Cappotelli and his battle with brain cancer. Congrats to Stacey Keibler who is pregnant with Baby No2. Tye Dillinger returns to NXT. What took WWE so long? Jinder Mahal lands the cover of Darpan Magazine.

Curt Hawkins lobbies to appear on Sesame Street. WWF fires Bruce Pritchard. Linda takes over as President. Memorable indy match amongst tape traders: Al Snow vs Sabu.

Looking back at WCW Slamboree Hunter Hearst Helmsley makes Raw debut. Beware Of Dog event.

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